How do you benefit from ISO 27001 certification?

Why do organizations choose to go for ISO 27001 certification? In this blog article, we will give you our top 5 reasons to get certified. Certification will certainly benefit your security directly, but there are other kind of benefits available too.


NIS2: Who's in the scope and what security measures are required? (part 2/3)

In this post you'll learn about what industries are affected by NIS2, security requirements the directive sets, and the available enforcement methods if an organization is not compliant.


NIS2: Working towards compliance with Cyberday (3/3)

✈️ You want to lift your cyber security management to a new level & get NIS2 compliant with a smart tool like Cyberday? In this post you'll learn how your organization can achieve NIS2 compliance in a smart way by building an own agile ISMS.


NIS2: Get familiar with the EU's new cyber security directive (part 1/3)

Learn about the background and reasons behind the EU's new Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) Directive. How does it affect your company and how should you react to be compliant?


SOC 2: Working towards compliance (1/2)

With the help of SOC 2, organisations can provide proof of effectively implemented controls and the use of best practices to protect the data to their customers and stakeholders, which may help to build trust.


Personnel information security training and guidelines in Cyberday

Most data breaches start with human error. Still, investments in technical information security are often made more eagerly. We tell you why staff information security training and guidelines are important and how to implement then efficiently.


Information security risk management in Cyberday: Identifying risks, evaluation, treatment and closure

Every cyber security framework highlights risk management in its own way. We summarize in this post, what's essential in information security risk management and what kind of an approach Cyberday offers for it.


Become a Cyberday partner: Features, benefits and best practices

A good and efficient tool such as Cyberday is a great way to work on the organization's cyber secuirty. However, for some organizations that is not enough and the expertise and support of a consultant is needed. Our partner program offers both!


Cyberday Community has been launched!

We just launched a new Community section inside Cyberday. Our goal is to make collaboration with your peers and with us easier and thus help you improve your information security even further!


ISO 27001 standard updated to 2022 version - what changed?

What has changed when comparing 2013 vs. 2022 versions of ISO 27001 and how are these updates visible on Cyberday?‍


Efficient cyber risk management with new autopilot mode

We're constatly searching for ways to automate and create efficient cyber risk management. Our newest additions is risk autopilot mode. It's concept is described on this post.


Infographic: Why is cyber security getting more and more important?

Here's a visual summary of some of the drivers that continue to make cyber security more and more important for all organizations.


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