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Cyberday Community has been launched!

We just launched a new Community section inside Cyberday. Our goal is to make collaboration with your peers and with us easier and thus help you improve your information security even further!

When your working in Cyberday, you get the benefit of working with the same best practices already battle-tested by hundreds of other organizations. Now we want this to have an even bigger effect for our users, as it will be easy for you to ask for support, comments or best practices from people in other organizations pondering - or already solving - the same questions.

To see more detailed instructions about participating in the Community, see our help articles about:

Asking questions and answering on the Support forum

Support forum is the place for questions related to using Cyberday, implementing different frameworks and their requirements or anything related to improving information security on your organization.

Support forum inside Community

In the support forum the goal is to always find a clear answer for questions - either by our team or in collaboration with active users. That's why you will see the status column in the table, telling about the status of the question - already resolved or still ongoing.

Following current events on Cyber news

Cyber news is the place where we now start bringing the "week's most important cyber security news". It's an easy place for you to stay up-to-date and especially to see news that are related to the topics under your responsibility. News are categorized by cyber security themes (e.g. Technical cyber security, Personnel security) and collaboration groups (e.g. Critical infrastructure).

Cyber news -section in Community

The goal is to share you up-to-date information so you can keep your undestanding of current trends affecting your industry up-to-date. You can comment the news that seem most relevant for you to share thoughts with others. In the best case, you get more input for improving your ISMS or e.g. employee awareness processes.

Joining and collaborating on Collaboration groups

Collaboration groups are the place for more deeper collaboration related to certain industries, roles (e.g. DPOs) or topics (e.g. cyber technology). The audience here is more targeted, so the discussions can go deeper and best practice sharing can be even more effective.

Collaboration groups list in Community

You can view the current list of available collaboration groups on the Collaboration groups main page. We have now launched a few groups that we will be "admining", but in the future the goal is to also allow customer-admined groups and even closed groups for even deeper security related discussions.

Feedback appreciated!

Hopefully we'll see you in the Community. 👋 Any feedback is highly appreciated. You know how to reach us. 😉


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