Instruktionsguide för arbetsboken

The Taskbook is a summary of all the items (i.e. tasks or themes) you are owning in your organisation's cyber security management system. That means you don't have to navigate to the Organisation Dashboard to search for the items you are responsible for, you can see everything in one place and will get automated reminders if for example a task needs your attention.

Förstå den övergripande situationen för ditt arbete

Överst i arbetsboken visas en sammanfattning av situationen för dina ansvarsområden.

  • The left menu you can see the amount of content from that theme and can navigate to them. You can filter by those categories as well by selecting from the drop-down menu under "Show all" and selecting a specific theme.
  • I sammanfattningscirkeln kan du se statusen på ditt arbete, hur mycket som inte har påbörjats, är under arbete eller är färdigt.
  • Statusknappar ovanför det faktiska innehållet filtrerar innehållet efter dess status.

What do the task cards in the Taskbook show?

The task cards under the different themes in the Taskbook give you an overview of the most important information related to the task and its progress. You can see an overview of the requirement, if activated the periodic review date, other linked requirements to that task, how far the progress is (in the upper part of the task card, i.e. in the screenshot above "Partly done"), the current assurance level, shown by the Cyberday logo on the right side of the task card, linked sections, such as data systems or security incidents, the priority and of course the current status, such as Review pending" like in the screenshot above.

Hur arbetar jag med arbetsboken?

You can have two kinds of responsibilities - tasks and different kinds of documentation. Either will be shown in the Taskbook as task or theme, if it is assigned to you.

Så här hanterar du uppgifter

With the tasks given to you, you are expected to provide the information needed. With the help of those information, it can be displayed how the task and linked requirement are fulfilled in order to be compliant with the chosen framework. To provide those information, first of all, click the "Edit task" button to open the task card.

  • Fill the assurance information, which can vary depending on the type of assignment (i.e. linked documentation, linked instructions, process description)
  • Add a process description by either click "+ tell more how this task is carried out" or (later on to edit as well) click the pencil button on the right. A new pop up window will open (see screenshots below). In many cases, we have an example available, which you can easily copy and edit to adjust to your needs.
  • Update the task status according to the state, if it is done or if the upgrades are still ongoing and check if the priority is correct.
  • For additional assurance, enable and set a review cycle and/or add additional assurance, such as a second person, a guidline, an external file or etc. ("Additional assurance information +" underneath the review cycle settings)
  • Vid behov kan du göra fria anteckningar i loggboken, t.ex. om avslutad forskning, åtgärder och beslut. 
This is how it looks like if there is an example process description available. You can always also type you completely own one or adjust the template to your needs.

Once you are done editing, you can go back to the taskbook to continue with another task. Here is an example of a fully done task, which now shows a strong assurance level:

Så här fyller du i dokumentationen

Important assets for organisation's digital security, that can be pointed as your responsibility are for example:

  • Datasystem
  • Databanker
  • Partners 
  • Risker för cybersäkerhet

You will see assets that need to be documented in your Taskbook as shown below. In the screenshot below, you can also see the status of the documentation (in this case: new) and the progress (0%, as this is new).

Handla på följande sätt:

  • Click on "Continue documentation" to open its documentation card
  • Klicka på svaren på frågorna med hjälp av exempel och instruktioner.
  • When you complete a section, click on the “Mark as done” - link (see second question in screenshot below) and it will be shown as "Completed" (first question in screenshot below"

If the documentation item is not yet completed, you can also select a status from the options below by clicking on the "Pending" button.

Du kan gå tillbaka till arbetsboken via länken i det övre vänstra hörnet av sidan. Om du fyller i information växer framstegsbalken bredvid uppgiften. Blå färg visar frågor som du fyllt i, men som du inte har markerat som gjorda ännu. Grön färg anger frågor som är markerade som gjorda.

You can also add i.e. external files or select to show the descriptions or delete the documentation item by clicking on the three dots from the right (see screenshot below).

Levels of Assurance

You can see the current assurance level of your tasks on the right side of the task card under "Edit task".

No assurance

If you don't have any assurance, this picture is showing. This usually is the case with non-active tasks or tasks, that do not yet even have an owner. You should proceed with that task or mark it as not relevant, if it is not relevant to your organisation.

Weak assurance

If you have activated a task and for example have assigned an owner, you have started already. However, the assurance for such a task is still weak. Add more assurance to add more safety (i.e. add a review cycle, more documentation or an external file).

Medium assurance

If you have medium assurance, you are already going towards the right direction. That means you have done more than just assignening an owner already. However, you can still improve the assurance level i.e. by adding more documentation, a review date or a process description.

Strong assurance

If you have strong assurance, you are doing everything right! However, you can add additional assurance at any time, if you would like to.

Microsoft Teams- bot påminner dig en gång i veckan

Du kommer att få en påminnelse varje vecka från roboten. Sammanfattningen innehåller följande:

  • Antalet uppgifter och uppdrag som kräver dokumentation och som du ansvarar för.
  • Punkter som behöver uppmärksammas snarast möjligt
  • Beloppet av aktiva tillgångar

Poster som behöver brådskande uppmärksamhet är uppgifter eller uppdrag som behöver dokumenteras och som antingen har passerat sin deadline eller väntar på din inspektion.

Aktiva objekt är uppgifter och uppdrag som behöver dokumenteras och som du inte har markerat som gjorda ännu.

Questions and feedback

Do you have any further questions, would need another help article or would like to give some feedback? Please contact our team via or the chat box in the right lower corner.

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